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Thank you for your support of and partnership with Denver Christian Indian Center.  By the grace of God, your gifts and prayers are transforming lives and communities as Denver Christian Indian Center continue to communicate the message of God’s grace, hope, forgiveness, love and salvation.

                                                             Film Donation

Film Update - Well we finally finish making the 17 minute film “Cutting of the Tsiiyeei, Triumph OverTrauma.” In the making of this film, we finance $3000.00 and we would like to pay off this loan and the cost to distribute the movie.

If donating online to the film project, in the "Add special instructions", please write "Movie."

One can also mail donation to : Christian Indian Center, PO Box 211248, Denver, CO 80221.

All financial contributions are securely handled by The Christian Indian Center church and are tax-deductible.

To view a Susie's two minutes promo video, just click on link below:

One will need a password to view this films. The password is    Silversmith      PW is cap sensitive